Casting the Bones

by Roma di Luna

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released June 3, 2008

Channy Moon Casselle- lead vocals,violin, viola, acoustic guitar, songwriter
Alexei Moon Casselle- lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, songwriter
Ben Durrant- electric guitar, Portuguese viola, Rhodes
James Everest- bass guitar, harmony vocals
Ryan Lovan- drums/percussion
Jessie Prusha- harmony vocals
Michael Rossetto- banjo
Chris Thomson- saxophone
David Olson- trumpet

Recorded & Mixed by Ben Durrant at Crazy Beast Studio
Mastered by Dave Gardener at Magneto Mastering
Produced by Roma di Luna and Ben Durrant
Original artwork and design by Anna Kulzick and Travis Hetman of Hot Muffin



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Romance Of Wolves
First we were friends
Then every thought was you and me
Such strong love for such young things
Under the covers/ after school
You made me happy like no other could do

And the sprits told me what love could do
Please the lips and calm the mood
The spirits told me what I should do to you
Wrap you in wood and stone and make you into my home

Just one fight/ I still remember why
Just two fights that are gonna make me cry
You left for the city/ I left for the sea
Every moment between us/ Made it harder and harder to breathe

Come home, to me
Come back across the sea
The silly flings that past the time
Are cursing love like yours and mine
You are still silent/ and I am still afraid
All these trials and troubles bind us more and more each day
Track Name: Tamar
Dont be afraid of the night
The stars are true and brave
Like a lover who will follow you in darkness
And wont fear to need you in the day

I bite my tongue in the silence
Searching for grace and memories
Of the pain I carried at your age
And the confusion that kept me in the fight

But I’m so glad to see you
Forgive me for what Ive done
It was wrong of me to take you as my own
And then leave you with no one to hold

I know I aint right
Pushing you into my fight
I would run if I could
I dont give like I should

Tamar was my blind reflection
Hiding my summer tragedy
Comparing her tears to my confession
I wanted her story to be mine

Tommorow I will follow the sparrow
Lay down all my sorrow
Im not fooling you or me
I do still believe
Track Name: Trouble Down the Road
Down on my good knee/ hands folded tight
I pray upon the stars that burn so bright
That you’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on
Yeah, you’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on

Between high water and deadly drought
Between the northshore and canyons in the south
Oh, you’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on
Yeah, you’ve hit trouble down the road and just rode on

You’ll hit trouble
Oh, you’ll hit trouble
You’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on

Oh yes I know you/ don’t know your name
Well, you could tell me/ I could guess, its all the same
‘Cause you’ve hit trouble down the road and just rode on
Yeah you’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on

Your hands are tremblin’/ your face is pale
You ain’t the first, you ain’t the last that’s bound to fail
Boy, you’ll hit trouble down the road and just ride on
Yeah, you’ve hit trouble down the road and just rode on

You told your story/ didn’t say a word
I took one look your history was all I heard
‘Cause you’ve seen trouble down the road and just rode on
Yeah, you’ve seen trouble down the road and just rode on
Track Name: Red Walls
Well, there’s no snow
And the wind never blows
And people don’t know what
It feels like to have cold bones
They don’t know
At least that’s what I’ve been told

Red walls, red walls
And blue flowers
Your fortunes been painted and carved
The maid has packed her bags
And moved to Dallas
Spends all your fancy funds while we starve

A meeting of endings/ Undo all my leaving
I am a lonely feeling
Resisting my belonging to anyone
I know you know
That I am so very hard to hold

The month is your mother
She knit you a sweater
It don’t fit the weather
But you don’t hold it against her
Because you know
That Summer always brings the snow/(‘cold’ 2nd time)
Track Name: Wildfire
We met when we were children
Young hearts with old woven souls
He took to me like a wildfire
And encrypted his love into my bones

They took my husband late last night
Past the pyramids and the Caspian Sea
He’ll be buried under a starless sky
I’ll hold the shape of him till I die

Send him this message for me
Shadows are all I believe in
Tell him I’m ready to meet him in Heaven

‘Cause without you beside me here, I am not breathin’

Momma, come to me/
I’ll stay with you tonight
My sweet-hearted companion
He has left to join the fight

Fire burns where the snow once fell
Blood spills near the oil well
I join the line of a million tears
‘Cause no one knows my name or my family here
Track Name: Fortune Teller
On the day I was born it was prophesied
That the earth would bang and blast away
On the day i first stepped on the ground
Oh the earth trembled in a quake
it ain't a story to summon my greatness
Or a plea for a little pity
Just a sign of trouble to come
That I wear on my hip like a gun

Its gone, it's gone its the goodness
That I had as a little one
Oh I pass behind my father
'Cause now I'm as good as done
such a heavy load for such a little girl
To see the changing lights
We don't know how to please them
But they push and they pull into our fight

Well single, girl oh single girl
She always dresses so fine
Married girl, oh married girl
She wears whatever she can find
Single girl goes where ever she please
Married girl's at home on her knees
Oh you know i love my man
But my feet gotta travel this land
Track Name: I Can't Afford to be Broke
I can’t afford to be broke anymore
I can’t afford to be poor
I can’t afford to be broke anymore
I can’t afford to be poor

Ain’t nothing free/ they’ll charge you just to breathe
They’ll charge you for the heavens and the shore
Every day has a price you must sacrifice
It’ll cost you everything you got and more
Track Name: Silver Dagger
Don't sing love songs, you'll wake my mother
She's sleeping here right by my side
And in her right hand a silver dagger,
She says that I can't be your bride.

All men are false, says my mother,
They'll tell you wicked, lovin' lies.
The very next evening, they'll court another,
Leave you alone to pine and sigh.

My daddy is a handsome devil
He's got a chain five miles long,
And on every link a heart does dangle
Of another maid he's loved and wronged.

Go court another tender maiden,
And hope that she will be your wife,
For I've been warned, and I've decided
To sleep alone all of my life.
Track Name: These Tears Ain't Mine (reprise)
Theres nothing worse/ than sleeping on bad words
Its so hard to tell you/ why Im so blue
Cuz you make me happy/ most of the time
These tears that I cry, babe/
They aint even mine

Some days I wake up/ not ready to live
All selfish and torn up/ with nothing to give
But you should know/ you’re the love of my life
These tears that I cry/ they ain’t even mine.

I’ll sing you this song/ all day and all night
I’ll write you a love letter/ tell you you’re all right
'Cause you make me happy / most of the time
These tears that I cry, babe
They ain't even mine

I said Im sorry/ I said I was wrong
I’ll beg your forgiveness/ in a thousand songs
So you will know/ youre the love of my life
And these tears that I cry/ aint even mine
Track Name: I'm Gone
Look at these people they're praying to billboards that
Tell them all who they should fight with and kill for
They swear that our country’s united as one while they
Board up their doorways and load up their guns singing

If you can find me come
Find me, if not then I’m

The people I learn from, I've studied and trusted
Are usually like me all hung up and busted
And sometimes you’re cornered whatever you do
You ain't lookin' for trouble it's lookin' for you and so

My woman's the best thing that's happened since bread
She makes me fruit smoothies and rubs on my head
"I'll give you the world!" I said with a nod
"But first I think I'll need to go get a job.

We’re all getting’ older with tattoos and babies
Car payments, grey hairs, dead friends and late fees
So here’s to the hearts and the hands of the men
That have come with the dust and have gone with the wind

I promise to look you all up right before I go blind
If I don't go crazy soon I swear I might lose my mind
You can find me where we first made love underneath that neon sign
I promise not to do nothing too dumb if you just come back home in time
In time, in time
Track Name: Pearls for Pigs
You can’t steal the pearls from my eyes
Though the pigs squeal in their cage
What's been given to me, what's been chosen for my life
Has been payed in full price

There’s a danger that hangs circles ‘round my feet
See that man over there’s trying to steal away the good I keep
Pull your words out of wire tap phones
Even to my mother I speak in signs and codes

Baby, take me away from this place
Look at me hiding from every familiar face
Put me in a dress and make believe I’m new
But my face reveals all the bad I used to do.

You can’t steal the pearls from my eyes
Thou the pigs squeal in their cage
Whats been given to me, whats been chosen for my life
Has been payed in full price